Brocton Hall Golf Club would like to thank Waste and Washroom for helping us to change refuse collectors resulting in a substantial saving of over £2,000 for the club.

Waste and Washroom also helped release us from our existing contract and the changeover was both seamless and swift

User Thumb Jeremy Duffy

We started working with the Waste and Washroom approximately 2 years ago.

They have greatly assisted Pendle Leisure Trust in generating considerable savings in our procurement of refuse collection and washroom services.

They delivered an excellent proposal across all of our estate not only in terms of best value but also the additional support that will enhance the whole contract. It was an easy decision to proceed

User Thumb Jason Whittaker

Thanks to Waste and Washroom we were very pleased to learn of the 68% savings we could enjoy switching from our incumbent supplier. Not only have our costs reduced substantially but we have new equipment in place which has given the washrooms a lift and will make further savings due to being more energy efficient.

W&W handled the termination and switch over so I could concentrate on my day to day responsibilities

User Thumb Glynn Traynor

Waste and Washroom undertook a full review of our refuse collection and washroom arrangements and provided us with savings of 18% against our washroom costs and similar on the refuse collection contract.

This is now under their management, to have one point of contact for either service or invoice enquiries for 11 sites make my life so much easier.

User Thumb Steve Hayes

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